Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) provides special services to ensure reliable automation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. We have completed a lot of projects in this sector.                                                                                                                     Here the list of some completed projects in  Pharmaceutical Industry-->>

Auto Clave Machine Automation
Hot Air Stylization Machine Automation
Auto Coating Machine Automation
ORS Machine Automation
Blister Machine Automation
Tablet Press Machine Automation
Bottle Wash Machine Automation
Filling Machine Automation
Chiller Automation
Auto Water Pressure Machine Automation


We provides integrated automation solutions for all types of textile machines, making us the ideal partner for those seeking a complete solution. Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) meets customer demands such as standardization and modularization of software and hardware. Our costumers can rely on long-term availability of our Services and products. Here the list of some completed projects in  Textile Industry-->>

Automation of Sliding Machine
Automation of Nano Dyeing Batcher
Automation of Yarn Dyeing Machine
Automation of Knit Dyeing Machine
Automation of Compactor Machine
Automation Of Multi-Mixer Machine 


We are equipped to undertake Automation projects in Cement Industry. Depending upon the application requirement, We integrate various hardware platforms for configuring Process Automation Systems. We are committed to being a recognized value-adding technology provider in the cement plants. We offer plant-wide automation solutions and services through Competence, Cooperation and Responsibility. At the same time, Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) helps you to improve process quality and energy efficiency – with facts-based recommendations for future modifications and modernizations. Here the list of some completed projects in Cement  Industry-->>

Control system
Dust Collector
Cement Silo
Cement Packing Machine
Bagging Machine Automation


As the sophistication and complexity of automated systems gathers pace, so savings in labor, energy and materials increase along with proportionate gains in quality, accuracy and precision. However, Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) provides high performance, quality assured solutions & services in wire & cables industry which can help you minimize risk to automation and process control applications, ensuring operational reliability in industries where negating unplanned maintenance is a priority. Here the list of some completed projects in  Wire & Cables Industry-->>

Wire Processing System 
Tension Control System 
Wire Winding System
Cable Length Measurement


Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) bring you over 15+ years of experience in providing automation and information solutions & services tailored to the needs of the food industry – your needs – and have embedded that intelligence in our equipment and production solutions & services. Here the list of some completed projects in Food & Beverage Industry-->>

Checkweighers for food industry
Sterilizers for food industry 
Dryers for food industry 
Sausage clipping machines Automation
Sausage production lines Automation
Bottle Leveling Machine Automation
Candy Making Machine Automation
Packing Machine Automation


Our aim to provide automation solution and service for Paper & Board mills and to make them energy efficient. Complete automation, power distribution and electrification solution & Service is enabling a paper & board machine to run at desired high speed and productivity while minimizing power consumption. We ensures maximum & sustainable service & support of board & paper production lines with the accurate, reliable process and product measurements, stabilizing controls, valves, and other process control devices, advanced multi-variable process controls, and operator information tools. IAEC offers board & paper mills a comprehensive automation applications to stabilize & optimize their processes. Scalable to your mill’s specific production needs, We provides you powerful performance through the machine, quality & process control. Here the list of some completed projects in Paper & Board Industry-->>

Complete Paper Mill Automation
Automatic Paper Bag Cutting Machine 
Unwinder Paper Converting Machine 
Unwinder Paper Converting Machine
Tissue Roll Machine Automation
Tissue Converting Machine Automation


Industrial Automation & Engineering Co.(IAEC) integrated automation solutions for all types of printing & packaging machines, making us the ideal partner for those seeking a complete solution. Here the list of some completed projects in Printing & Packaging Industry-->>

Automatic Paper Lamination Machine
Sheet To Roll Lamination Machine
Roll To Roll Lamination Machine
Eight-color printing machine
Auto Packaging Machines
Filling machine
Bag closing machines
Carton sealers